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What should you take into account when choosing an accounting service?

  1. What services does the accounting service provide?
  2. Does your contractor have a professional liability insurance policy?
  3. Does it already have any customers from your business?
  4. As a customer, do I receive my administrator?
  5. Is accounting the main activity of your accounting service provider?
  6. What types of programs does the accounting services provider use?
  7. Does your accounting service provider operate in compliance with company ethics and the professional organization code?
  8. Is your accounting service provider a member of one of the professional organizations?
  9. How does the accounting service provider guarantee the security of company and personal data and documents?

To make your choice easier, consult:

  • The register of members of the Chamber of Accounting Services of Slovenia
  • The catalog of certified accounting services in Slovenia
  • The list of accounting service providers that perform activities in accordance with the Slovenian Standard of accounting service providers

The accounting service will be one of your most important business partners, so consider what you expect from it and choose the one that best fits your specifications. With a broader competence and experience, it can guide you through various obstacles and make the achievement of business goals much easier.


Preparation of tax and accounting documentation supplemented with final invoice!

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